I have posted my syllabus in an attempt to be helpful. Feel free to use this public good but if you use any of my materials verbatim or substantially base your course off mine, please cite me/acknowledge me.


Acknowledgements: Thank you to Marika Cabral, Mike Lovenheim, and Analisa Packham for sharing course syllabi and materials with me.

Course Description

This course is one half of the two-course Economics Ph.D. field sequence in public economics. This course focuses on the expenditure/government program side of public economics; the other course focuses on the revenue/taxation side.

In addition to learning about government programs and the many effects of government interventions in markets, this course is designed to help you transition from being a consumer of research to a producer of research.

A main focus of the course is reading and presenting economics papers on topics in public economics, broadly defined. Major projects include writing referee reports and drafting and presenting a research proposal.

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