Economics of Crime (Undergraduate), ECON 4396.501, The University of Texas at Dallas, Fall 2021

Course Description

This course empirically analyzes the causes and consequences of crime and the criminal justice system using the tools of economics. A main focus of the course is reading and discussing empirical research papers in the economics of crime literature. Topics include the effects of incarceration on the incarcerated, the impacts of policies intended to deter crime or reduce recidivism, racial disparities in the criminal justice system, and the causes and consequences of domestic violence. Major projects include creation of a data portfolio examining one of several sources of national crime data using tables, graphs, and statistical relationships and a group presentation on a major episode or issue in U.S. crime policy.

Public Economics I (Graduate), The University of Texas at Dallas, Spring 2022

Course Description

Teaching this course for the first time in spring 2022. This section is a placeholder as I haven’t prepped it yet.